„…an extraordinary pianist, who convinces with her authenticity and brilliance…”


                                                     Robert Levin 



Vita Kan was born in 1991in Tomsk (Russia), where she received her first piano instruction with the age of five. Later on, she was taught at the special music school for outstanding talents in Almaty, Kazakhstan. 

During her studies with Timur Urmancheew she played many concerts in  various countries with the Camerata Kazakhstan.    

In 2006 Vita Kan won a special prize at the 4th international piano competition in Almaty, which enabled her to study at the renown special conservatory “Kuljasch Baiseitova” for outstanding pianists. In 2011 Vita Kan came to Germany to study at the HMT in Leipzig with Gerald Fauth and Jacques Ammon. She is a scholarship holder of the DAAD and was promoted by the Ad-Infinitium Foundation. She received important musical stimuli through the work with artists such as Robert Levin, Jacques Rouvier, Pavel Gililov, Piotr Paleczny, Peter Bruns and David Geringas. Vita Kan gained chamber music experience in various ensembles and with musicians of the Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig and of the Bamberg Symphony. As a chamber musician she was awarded Prizes in numerous competitions, among others at the Gaetano Zinetti Competition in 2015 , the Pinerolo International Chambermusic Competition in 2016 and the Concours International de Musique de Chambre de Lyon 2016. She plays regularly at festivals in China, Italy, France and Switzerland. Engagements as an orchestra pianist and teaching activity at the "New Music School Leipzig" expand her musical horizon.