>>> Debut CD "Echoes of War" is now available worldwide! <<<









>>> TRIO MARVIN WINNS THE FIRST PRIZE AND THE OVERALL GRAND PRIZE at the Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition 2018 in Australia <<<









>>> TRIO MARVIN WINNS THE 3 PRIZE at the ARD Competition 2018 in Munich, Germany <<<








© Daniel Delang








>>> TRIO MARVIN WINNS THE SECOND PRIZE ( First Prize was not awarded ) at the International Competition Schubert und die Musik der Moderne in Graz, Austria <<<







© Clemens Nestroy 








>>> TRIO MARVIN WINNS THE 2. PRIZE, PUBLIC PRIZE AND "YOUNG AWARD" at Premio Trio di Trieste Cmpetition in Italy <<<





>>> TRIO MARVIN WINNS THE 1. PRIZE at Mendelssohn                                              Competition 2017 in Berlin <<<





>>> Trio Marvin has joined the Artist Roster of Komarova Artists                                               Management Berlin <<<